Do You Use Food Stamps? Well, You Can Get Free Phone Service

April 6th, 2013

PoorAre you having a hard time to save money to buy a new cell phone? Or are you thinking how you can possibly pay this month’s exorbitant phone bill? Well, let Uncle Brain Bats let you in on a little secret…  Maybe you DON’T have to pay your phone bill ever again!  Interested?  Well, read on.

The government has this Lifeline Assistance Program, by virtue of which now you can get free cell phones along with free texts and free call minutes every month. Cell phones are a necessity now, long gone the time when it was a fancy item. In the time of necessity it is a welcome gesture on the part of government to come up with this benevolent program.

Who will be eligible for the Lifeline Assistance Program?

It is not everyone who qualifies for this program. There are certain rules and restrictions which need to be followed to get the benefits of this program. Even though there are different telecommunication companies which provide the benefits to the ultimate consumer, as it is a program controlled by the government, hence the eligibility are very much similar for the different companies. However there may be few differences based on the state you are residing.

You can qualify for this program if you satisfy any one of the following criteria. Either your household income is or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or you are a beneficiary of any other government programs. These programs include Food stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Federal Public Housing Assistance; Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP); Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) etc.

What is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?

This is a government program, by virtue of which nutrition assistance is provided to millions of families’ ion the country who are unable to provide the same to their kin due to their financially weak position. The authority work with the state agencies and other organizations to provide economic help to the poor. It is a very popular program and the largest amongst the hunger safety net domestically.

So if you use food stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), then you will be eligible for Lifeline Assistance Program. In order to avail the facility under the Lifeline program, you do not need to take much trouble but only need to apply to the regional service provider in your state. But before applying make sure you qualify to be a part of this endeavor.

If your situation improves financially, you can drop out of the program. If you again need to avail the facility after some time due to your situation, you can again be a part of it just by doing a few formalities. After becoming a part of this programme, you can also get certain other benefits like availing broadband service, texting plan etc. at a low cost. Do not hesitate but approach your local service provider to join this program and solve the issue of high telephone bill payment and other associated problems and make life easier and happier.

Free Cell Phone Service For Low Income Families (Continued)

February 23rd, 2013

Brain BatsLow income people often get special schemes from the government when it comes to healthcare and food subsidies and all. But people are unaware that if you come under the low income category then you can get a subsidized telephone connection from the government as well. Lifeline services are supported by the Federal Government and this scheme provides free cell phone connections and services based on the income eligibility. Each household gets a cell phone as well as some fixed and restricted amount of free call minutes every month. Federal Communications Commission is the brain behind this delightful scheme which has helped hundreds of household to avail this benefit free of cost. It is great for people who cannot afford the expenses of having regular mobile connection and services. One has to meet the prescribed eligibility criteria which vary across the various states and then get the respective plans based on their eligibility with again varying free minutes based on the different states.

There are certain fundamental eligibility rules which are consistent across all states. The applicant to the Lifeline services must have a total household income that is below the 135 % mark of that prescribed by the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Another point to be kept in mind is that the household of the applicant must be a participant of any of the Government schemes like Medicaid or Food Stamps or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or the Federal Public Housing Assistance or the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families or finally The National School Lunch Programs Free Lunch Program. Only one person per household can apply for the free cell phone services and it is illegal to obtain two connections for the same household. Every applicant must have a valid and authentic postal address within United States to avail this service and get the free minutes package. One needs to take care about the fact that certain cellular service providers have their own online form submission process and that is where one can apply for the services provided they are fully eligible.

A person can even go for getting extra talk time minutes using prepaid cards. The unused minutes if any are carried forward to the next month in certain plans and do not get wasted which is an added bonus. Some plans and deals also have unique provisions and schemes for all the long distance callings. Once selected and eligible for the Lifeline services, the subscriber gets a brand new kit at the registered address comprising of a cell phone and some associated documents and helping guides. Every year one has to submit certain the continuing eligibility proofs in order to continue enjoying the benefits of this service using their income proofs and other valid documents. There is fixed time period allotted for submitting eligibility documents and failing to provide the same may lead to suspension of the services. There are a number of service providers and companies who have affiliated themselves with the government for providing the free cell phone services to the low income masses.

Free Phones in Indiana

January 23rd, 2013

Brain Bats 2As you might (or might not) know, Uncle Brain Bats is from Indiana.  Now, Indiana isn’t the richest state in the Union.  So, there a lot of families struggling to get by.  Well, Uncle Brain Bats is here to help.  I found out about this free cell phone program for people living on government assistance and low income.  The phones are free and what’s better is you get free voice minutes every month.  So, once you signup, you cancel your expensive cell phone contract and save all that money for stuff that really matters like a new pair of Nike Air Jordan’s groceries.

The government provides a lot of benefits to the residents of the Indiana state and this state is now in good hands. The state has faced a lot of problems with natural disasters knocking at its doorsteps and mismanagement in local government becoming rampant every where and then along came a huge rise in unemployment. All these factors reduced the incomes of many a household and a lot of people needed help at this venture. Thankfully the government noticed the plight of the people and came across with several brilliant schemes including the innovative Lifeline Services which have brought landlines and wireless communication to the doors of the Indiana residents free of cost. Businesses and households have benefited much from a free phone service and free voice minutes along with it funded by the government.

Government assistance program Lifeline services has a host of telecommunication companies under its wing which are the key source for all the communications and kits provided to the residents and Indiana residents are luck to have quite of a the network providers accessible in their state. Some of the top providers in this region include the Access Wireless and the Assurance wireless, the Budget Mobile group, Entouch Wireless, the Life Wireless, a very common RecahOut Wireless, a lucrative Safelink Wireless and also the Terracom Wireless providers to name a few. One has to be eligible first under the laws of the federal government in order to claim for a free connection from the Lifeline Services. If a person or household receives benefits from either of these programs like the Medicaid or the Food Stamps/SNAP or the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) or the Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) or Section 8 or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or the National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program (NSL), then one becomes automatically eligible for the Lifeline services. Again if the applicant’s household’s income falls under the 135% mark category as per the Federal Poverty Guidelines then the applicant can get a free landline or cell phone connection using Lifeline. This criterion pertains to the total income of the household and not just of the applying person.

With full time work becoming scarce and Indiana residents on the brink of high unemployment, people are glad to have phone connections which help them in calling up for interviews and scheduling meetings with prospective employers and then again with wireless services there comes the other options for sending text messages and even accessing the 911 services in case of any mishap or emergency in the household which would otherwise not have been possible. Telephone and cell phones are a very basic commodity nowadays and Lifeline services along with the service providers works hard to bridge the gap between quality services and low income population of Indiana. The basic kit includes a brand new phone, related documents and the voice tie of 250 minutes per month for a year of connection. Upgradations of phone and additional voice talk time have extra charges but can be applied for easily.